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AU where Will is a werewolf and accidentally bites Chilton… turning him into the biggest, whiniest, most useless shitty vegan werewolf ever.

(i’ve been wanting to draw that buff crybaby chiltonwuff for so long man, you have no idea lmao)


Excuse you.


Excuse you.



The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies - 15” Trailer Tease - Official Warner Bros. UK



This cutie laughing in 500x500


This cutie laughing in 500x500




can we talk about the time raul brought the girls from company shoe shopping cuz these are adorable

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AMERICAN WAY: How have your fans responded to Dr. Chilton?
RAÚL ESPARZA: People really seem to like Chilton. I’m surprised, actually, that I keep hearing that they find him attractive because he really is a kind of loathsome human being. I’ve also heard that he’s a lot of fun, which makes me very happy because that’s really all I wanted for the role.


(출처: plutoandpersephone)


i love when chilton says he doesn’t want to be perceived as a threat because its like shhh baby no one thinks youre a threat to anything. you are literally threatening to no one.