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can we talk about the time raul brought the girls from company shoe shopping cuz these are adorable

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AMERICAN WAY: How have your fans responded to Dr. Chilton?
RAÚL ESPARZA: People really seem to like Chilton. I’m surprised, actually, that I keep hearing that they find him attractive because he really is a kind of loathsome human being. I’ve also heard that he’s a lot of fun, which makes me very happy because that’s really all I wanted for the role.


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i love when chilton says he doesn’t want to be perceived as a threat because its like shhh baby no one thinks youre a threat to anything. you are literally threatening to no one.



The HeAteUs is affecting me badly. What have I done!?

아.. 시름시름.. 프레드릭.. 라파엘.. 라울…. 시름시름….  


HeAteUs Meme:[1/4] Characters
     ↳Dr. Frederick Chilton

I don’t want to be perceived as a threat.



Hannibal the cannibal: NBC Hannibal vs. The Silence of the Lambs


Show vs. movies.